Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lessons From Samson and Delilah - Rule Your Spirit

Written by Monica Hernandez on June 18, 2009

At Proverbs 16:32, the Scriptures tell us that “he that rules his spirit is better than he that takes a city.” This speaks of discipline or self-control, which is a fruitage of the Spirit, and is a quality we all need to build. And as we carefully examine this matter, we see that ruling our spirit involves knowing what is priority and having the discipline to execute it.

Yet, truthfully, we cannot build discipline in our lives all by our selves but God can help by accomplishing it in us, if we ask Him and follow through on His directions.

Consider Samson. It is clear that concerning his relationship with Delilah, Samson was not thinking of consequences. Sadly, he lacked discipline. Just so, in many instances of our lives, we too, lack discipline. And in contemplating this story, it is wise that we consider challenging circumstances in our lives and consequences for our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviour.

What can we learn from Samson’s lack of self-control? In this life we often encounter Delilah-like people who present themselves to us in various ways and one of them is to distract us from doing what is right. They try to lure us away from our good intentions in various ways and for just as many reasons. Those Delilah characteristics cause us to lose our focus and give up our most treasured possession: our position as believers and followers of Christ.

How can we build self-control? Is this easy to do by ourselves? In Samson’s moments of need, he knew he could not muster up strength on his own and also knew it was wise to ask God for it. Just the same, God would have helped him gain self-control if he had considered it a priority and earnestly asked for wisdom, discernment and self-control in his life, long before his tragedy struck.

Is there something you know you ought to be doing in your life? Is there some direction you know you ought to be following? Is there some special gift or anointing God has placed in your life? Are you ruling your spirit and nurturing that anointing or are you like Samson, not ruling his spirit, and not being a good steward of what God had blessed him with? As you contemplate these questions, prayerfully ask the Spirit of God to guide and counsel you.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: When we discipline ourselves and nurture God's anointing on our lives, He rewards us for our faithfulness (Luke 19:17).

PRAYER: "Lord, grant me the discernment to know what is right and the strength to do it. Help me Lord, to cultivate discipline in all areas of my life. Amen."


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