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It's All About Breakthrough...

Dear Reader:

Let me tell you an amusing story. Maria, an inquiring young woman, wanted to know everything about the mastery of life, nature and the universe. She was eager to learn. Most of all, because of long-standing inner conflicts, Maria wanted to know how to deal with her stress and emotional pain. Obsessed with her passion to master her challenges in life, she travelled to a guru in a distant land who set her up in a cave, and gave her a lot of books to read and study.

Every morning Guru came to check on Maria’s progress and asked: “Have you been reading?” And she replied: “O yes, I have been reading and studying but I have not yet found the secret to overcoming my emotional pain.”

And Guru would continue: “Have you learned the secret about the mastery of life, nature, and the universe yet? Have you learnt how to handle your emotional pain and stress yet ...”

“Not yet...” would be Maria’s reply, and Guru would lift a stick and strike her with it.

The pattern was the same everyday. Guru visited the young woman in the cave, asked her the same questions and she gave the same bottom-line answer: “I have not yet found the secret of overcoming my emotional pain.” And Guru would strike her with his stick.

Early one morning, Guru visited Maria and asked her the usual questions and she gave him the usual answers. However, Maria knew what was coming next and felt she could not deal with one more whack of Guru’s stick. And just as Guru raised his stick to strike Maria, she swiftly reached up and grabbed it.

Suddenly realizing what she had done, Maria became afraid of what might happen next...

However, Maria was shocked to hear Guru say: “Congratulations. You have done well. You have found the answer. You now have the secret.” And Guru affirmed the secret to the mastery of life with these words: “People must grab a hold of that which inflicts pain before it can strike.”

Friend, you and I can agree that Guru’s striking Maria with the stick reflects the
stressful events we allow to inflict emotional pain upon us, but the truth is: we can master that part of our lives and enjoy harmony, peace and well-being.

Do you have unchained negative emotions? We all display them from time to time, but the important thing to consider is how often we have them and how long we allow them to plague our minds. I can tell you of ways to help shorten their stay - - even stop them before they begin to inflict blows upon us. Remember Maria’s triumph in the story above?

You can enjoy a balanced way of life

"Breaking Through the Barriers" is a workbook, which is a practical guide to overcoming fear, instability, worry, anxiety, guilt, emotional hurts, depressive moods and other hurdles in life. This book is written for your emotional health.

This book, written from a counselling /life-coaching point of view with biblical references, insights and spiritual exercises can be a helpful resource to you in gaining triumph over fear, anger, instability, guilt, emotional hurts, depressive moods, procrastination and much more.

Besides its seven lessons, this book is loaded with reflections, prayer, meditations and timeless gems to keep you motivated on your journey towards breakthrough and beyond. As a matter of fact, this book shows how to stop emotional hurts before they start. And its life-changing principles can help you develop positive attitudes so you can enjoy balance and stability in your everyday experiences.

And best of all, the information in this book is easy to understand and practice.

You were meant to have dominion over the earth and by applying the life-changing principles of "Breaking Through the Barriers" you will be able to identify emotional barriers in your life and learn how to deal with them If you are emotionally stressed, these teachings will be useful to you. And a powerful tool that can help you is "My Personal Reminder" (MPR). With practice, you will be able to establish MPR and have it serve you effectively. Many people have benefited from this simple spiritual exercise.

Are you overwhelmed by fear, worry and anxiety? Maybe guilt and instability? And what about depressive moods and procrastination? Even anger? Also tears and sad feelings. Maybe your emotional hurt goes way back into your childhood. However, you will learn how to confront these challenges and break through your emotional shackles.

In "Breaking Through the Barriers" you will learn strategies that can change your personality, and eventually, your life. They will renew your mind and help you feel good about yourself. In other words, you can achieve self-mastery or temperance as it is called in the Scriptures. In the pages of this book you will receive find 49daily readings and reflections that offer fresh insights and inspirations; these exercises are meant to motivate you and change your change your way of life for the better.

This book will help you develop a better understanding of what life is all about. Also, you will understand your shortcomings and learn how to deal with them. Its information will help you gain wisdom and strength. In short, you will gain greater balance in body, mind and spirit, and develop orderly habits.

This book is suitable not only for personal use, but also for small, life-enrichment group study.

"Breaking Through the Barriers"
A Practical Guide to Overcoming Personal Challenges

ISBN 0-9736270-0-X
100 pages 8 1/2 x11, spiral bound
Cost: $39.95 (including shipping and handling)
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A PDF download of the book is available at - cost $25.00

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Monica Hernandez, Ph.D.
Counsellor/Life Coach

P.S. Stop missing out on your sense of well-being and happiness. As you apply the principles and strategies given in "Breaking Through the Barriers," you can gain peace of mind, spiritual freedom and the abundant life that is meant for you.

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