Thursday, February 5, 2009

About My Father's Business

by Monica Hernandez

It was on a Friday evening in November at two minutes to six o’clock that my friend Sylvie phoned and invited me to an intercessors’ prayer gathering to take place at her home in the next hour and a half. The evening was cold, wet and dark, a perfect one to be at home all warm and cozy, and going out was nowhere in my mind.

I accepted Sylvie’s invitation and as I hung up the phone, I felt it was only she who could get me out of my house on such an evening, and at such short notice. However, I reasoned within myself that Sylvie is a faithful friend and supporter in my ministry and I should go.

As I made myself ready to leave the house, my thoughts raced on many things. My thoughts dwelt heavily on how it was a sacrifice to be going out on such a wet night, but then again I thought, this sacrifice of my time and comfort was in no way compared to Jesus’ sacrifice and comfort for me.

And from the depth of my being I was reminded of the Scripture: “...wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” Then I reasoned that this call to pray must be “about my Father’s business.”

When I arrived at Sylvie’s home, there were three other women present and together we spent a couple hours, storming heaven for our homes, our families, our government, schools, teachers, and the troops in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Like the biblical event in the Upper Room, we were in one accord and we knew that God heard our voices in prayer and would use them for His glory, in His timing. It was a fulfilling task.

As we finished our prayer session, and were about to leave, one of the women echoed my earlier thought. She said: “Never mind the weather, this is a divine appointment and as intercessors, we must be about our Father’s business...” I was stunned at her words. I felt a response in my spirit and I recognized her words as a confirmation of my thoughts and feelings before I left my house.

Then I knew that going to the prayer gathering was not at all about Sylvie’s call and my choice but the Lord’s doing, calling me to join others in prayer. I felt a deeper understanding that prayer intercession is “my Father’s business” and as an intercessor, I must be obedient to His call.

On my way home, reflecting on the prayer needs we interceded for, I wondered: “Was it Sylvie who got me out of my house on this cold, wet night to a time of prayer or was it Jesus?” And I recognized that the Lord often tests us for obedience and blesses us later with an understanding of His ways.

Dear God, help us all to be obedient to your call and follow your directions.

SUGGESTED READINGS: Luke 2:49; John 16:23-24; James 5:16.
THOUGHT FOR TODAY: God’s testing us for obedience stretches our understanding.

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