Monday, February 16, 2009

The Four Finger Pianist

by Monica Hernandez

I know you will enjoy watching this inspiring, ten-minute video. It features a young Korean girl who was born with only two fingers on each hand, and her legs ended at her knees. At birth, the doctors thought this girl would not live. Yet Hee Ah lived.

As a young child, Hee Ah’s fingers were weak and her mother thought piano playing would strengthen them. It did. And Hee Ah rose to be an accomplished pianist, touring the world and charming audiences with her musical skills.

Think about it. Our God can “do exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or wish for” and nothing is impossible with Him. Think also that God has blessed each of us with a particular skill or talent. It may be writing, speaking, music, or any of the arts, just waiting to be developed and put to use for His glory.

As you look into your life today, do you see a skill or talent that you can use for the glory of God, which you are allowing to lie dormant within you? God wants you to use the talents He has given you.

To watch this video about Hee Ah Lee,and listen to her piano music, scroll down this page to My Favourite Links and click on: God-given Talent - Hee Ah Lee "The Four Finger Pianist" (Video)

Enjoy. Your comments are welcome.

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