Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Magnify The Good

Did you ever notice that in every happening in life there are different sides we can see? Even in adversity, there is at least one positive element (maybe hidden), and if we are discerning, we will find it. And when we find it, we can choose to magnify it by praising God. This increases our blessings.

Think. Things are never totally adverse but it is our sense of always wanting things our way that keeps us complaining about things happening in our lives, which we do not like. But when we practice seeking out the positive and magnifying it by continually thinking about it and praising God for it, we will find release.

When someone hurts our feeling or when adversity happens in our lives, we are prone to focus on more negative things that can happen, however, within every situation, never mind how adverse it seems and within every person, never mind how adverse he or she might seem, there is something good and that good is an expression of God.

When we recognize the good and magnify it, we are breaking through negative patterns of thought. We are then making life more comfortable for ourselves and others. We lose nothing but gain blessings because we would realize the truth that “all things work together for good to them that love God...” (Rom. 8:28) KJV. And that is true, even if within those pesky situations we find lessons to be learnt.

Is there something adverse taking place in your life? Take a second look at it and practice magnifying whatever is good about it. Practice magnifying the good in various parts of your life and in all people and as you grow in this practice your good will continue to expand into blessings you might hardly imagine at this time.

You magnify the good by recognizing it and praising God for it.

When adverse situations arise, you have a choice either to become frustrated, or become hopeful and trust God for the best outcome for you and all concerned. Today, make a commitment to thank God for at least the lessons learnt from your adversity.

SUGGESTED READINGS: Genesis 50:19,20; Psalm 22:3; Romans 8:28.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: When I magnify the good in my life, my blessings increase.

“Dear God, help me to see your hand in every scene in my life. Amen.”

© Monica Hernandez, Th.D.

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