Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Good Already Exists

I once watched a documentary on wild life and one of the scenes was a pack of wild dogs chasing a rabbit across the plains. At last, the rabbit ran into a hole for safety; maybe it was a place he knew. The dogs saw the rabbit run into the hole and tried to get into the hole but could not. However, they kept a vigil, yelping in frenzy at the entrance of the hole.

The dogs knew the rabbit was in the hole; they were sure of it. Madly, some of them tried digging the rabbit out, but had to give up because digging was just not their way of life.

As I watched the persistence and excitement of the dogs, I could not help thinking: “Here is a type of strong faith in action. This is something we all could learn from...”

How can we develop a strong faith for the good things we are seeking from our heavenly Father’s hand? The foundation of our building such faith is knowledge——a profound knowledge of God’s promises of healing, restoration, protection and an abundance of good things.

Just as the dogs knew the rabbit was in the hole and tried to reach it, so we are to know that our good of every kind is in our Father’s hands. Jesus taught that “our Father knows our needs and we are to seek Him first and all these things shall be added to us...” This affirms that all we can ever need already exists in God’s kingdom.

I can almost hear you chuckle: “If my good already exists, why do I not see evidence of it?”

For us, a strong faith in the invisible is absolutely necessary for its goods, however we need to move a step further into the process of manifestation——we need to speak positive words about that which we hope to see an evidence of. We cannot seek God for things then go out and speak in a doubtful manner about receiving them. That would be like driving (or attempting to drive) with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brakes.

As we daily nurture the thought that our good exists, it would help us build an unwavering faith “as the substance of things hoped for...” It would be the evidence of things not yet seen.

Whenever you become doubtful about that which you are seeking God’s hand for, just give some thought to the fervour and persistence of the wild dogs at the beginning of our story. They knew where their rabbit was and though they did not succeed in getting him, we can do a lot better in reaching the good our Father has provided for us.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Every good and perfect gift I hope for already exists in God’s kingdom.

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