Sunday, June 1, 2008

Celebrate Today

Did you ever say to someone, “Good day” or “Good morning” and the response was: “What’s so good about it?” This response has become somewhat a popular cliché by people who claim to be practical, however, there is always something good about today and everyday for every one.

Today is a good day for you and me, regardless of what we may or may not experience, and it is a privilege to each of us to be glad about it and celebrate it. First of all, today is worth celebrating because God created it and everything He has created is good. And He is in the midst of all our activities today; this is a powerful truth, worthy of our contemplation.

Even if adversity comes our way today, today is still worth celebrating because with faith in our hearts, God will use adversity for our good by turning it around if we seek His presence within it. It is good that we all can learn from our adversities and make changes for better days ahead. Then, like Joseph of the Old Covenant, we will be able to look at adversity and say: "But as for you, ye thought evil against me, but God meant it unto good..."

At some point, we might complain: "If today is such a good day, why do I have this or that problem? Why am I sick? Why do I not have enough money to pay my bills? Why do I have so many troubles?" Never mind. Our Father is still in control and will use our adversities to bless us.

Someone has said: "Beyond every dark cloud there is a silver lining" but as children of faith we have a more positive cliché: "Beyond every time of darkness there is a golden blessing." And as we come into the reality of this truth we will see our heavenly Father’s transforming power always at work in our lives.

The secret of enjoying today and every day, no matter what we see, is to be aware that "our heavenly Father works all things for good to them that love Him." And as we grow in faith and understanding we would recognize the "goodness" of each day and the grace of our Father in it.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Today is the first day of the rest of my life and it is a good day, regardless of what I see in it. I celebrate today.

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